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Leighton Construction practices a complete planning system that enables us to know all fixtures, appliances, and materials prior to physical construction. We spend a considerable amount of time planning out every aspect of your project, including the budget, the schedule, and meticulous design that is both aesthetically beautiful and fits the needs of your specific lifestyle.

  1. Complimentary In-Home Evaluation

We will schedule a time with you to help assess your needs for your home. We examine your lifestyle and the goals of your home improvement project while suggesting solutions and ideas on how best to move forward. Preliminary budget requirements will be discussed, as well as our general process.

  1. Proposal

Once we have completed our initial meeting we will develop a proposal for design and/or construction services, depending on the requirements of your particular project. In our proposals, we make an effort to include detailed information about the scope of work, budget, and anticipated schedule. Often homeowners have already retained an architect and we can incorporate those plans into the proposal. Conversely, if the scope of work requires the use of an architect; not only for structural and load calculations but to further the design, we have partnered with several local architects we can recommend based on design and lifestyle aspirations. Our goal is to give you the information you need to decide whether to move forward with the project.

  1. Construction Documents and Material Selection

After we have isolated the preliminary design and budget that best suits your needs, we continue to collaborate with you to select every material, appliance, and fixture that will go into your project and be incorporated into the construction documents. At this point, the final budget for your project is presented based on the final design and finishes that were developed and selected. This final budget is guaranteed, because we’re very confident of our level of planning at this point. We’re also able to give you a timeframe for your project at this time as well.

  1. Pre Construction Meeting

Before construction starts, we’ll hold a quick meeting with you to review key information needed to complete a successful project. Lines of communication, material and tool storage, dust protection, work hours, special requests and unselected items (which can cause delays) are all gone over to ensure that you are not only happy with the final built product, but the construction process as well.

  1. Your Website/Weekly Meetings

Communication is the keystone to any successful remodeling project. We set up a website that is tailored to your project that contains the project schedule, photos of the construction process, and updates from the project manager. In addition, your project manager will be available to go over any coordination points and answer any questions you have that arise during construction.

  1. Substantial Completion Walk-Through

Once the project is completed we will walk through with you and list all of the items to be handled on the punch list, assign those individual items a value, and withhold that amount from the final payment until your punch list is complete and you are satisfied with your final product.

  1. Post Construction Meeting and Project Binder

After you have experienced your new space for a few weeks we’d like to schedule a meeting in your home to gather your feedback on how you feel the project was executed from design through completion so that we can continue to improve and serve you even better during your next project. We also provide you with a project binder that contains all of the information used to make your project successful — contracts, construction documents, renderings, fixture and appliance information, so that you can maintain your new space properly.

  1. Warranty

Often, new construction will settle with the home sometimes separating caulk lines or minor detail adjustments. This is why Leighton Construction provides a 24 month service warranty. We will contact you periodically after your project is completed to ensure that we have made you as happy as possible.

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